TANTSU: A YOGA OF THE HEART by Harold Dull, Fabrizio Dalle Piane and Ateeka

The year Harold Dull created Watsu®, the world's first Aquatic Bodywork, he created Tantsu® to bring back onto land Watsu's nurturing holding, and the joy in the movement freed floating someone level with the heart. Today Tantsu has evolved into a practice in which everyone can share that joy with new Core Whole Body Holds.  This book outlines step by step all of the Core Tantsu and Partner Cradles and includes many articles about the energetic aspects of the practice and other variations.

112 page book with 250 color photos from Watsu Publishing for $19.95

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The latest book by Harold Dull has many contributions on the more esoteric and somatic aspects of this path written by ATEEKA and Fabrizio Dalle Piane.  This book presents both a new Basic Watsu that focuses on accessing inner movement and the Explorer Path a format for meetings to which three from any level of Watsu bring themes the book suggests, a move or a way of using their own body.

132 pages from Watsu Publishing for $19.95






Presents Watsu from the perspective of its early genesis and prior to its current evolution, , before there was any Transition Flow, before its adaptation for the clinical world, or presenting it in a way that could make it more accessible to the general public (i.e. bathing suits). The author assembled by hand (before the advent of computer graphics) the book's movement montages cut from hundreds of photographs of Watsu sessions held in the warm pool at Harbin Hot Springs with his new wife, Valerie (AKA Pavana), in his arms. A complete Tantsu session is illustrated. Includes poems. From 1987, a collector's item. Not available in bookstores.

112 page full size book from Watsu Publishing




This 80 minute DVD features two complete sessions filmed by Italo Bertolasi in Yelapa, Mexico. In the first, Tantsu’s creator, Harold Dull, shows and describes step by step the moves of a simple progression anyone can do with anybody, and those places it leads to that invite the most creative exploration. The most important element in Tantsu is the engagement that can be seen and felt without words or music. Watching these dances to inner music can inspire you to share the deepest levels of your creativity.

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